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Renewing our partnership with Farm Africa

We are pleased to announce that Ashwood Executive Search International will be extending its support of the charity Farm Africa for another year.

Our world is one of global connections and as a key player in the food industry, Ashwood is determined to play our part in ending one of the biggest challenges facing the world today; hunger. We are outraged that 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night and are determined to help create a different future for these 1 billion people.

Helping Africa’s families feed themselves: for ever

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We are supporting Farm Africa, because like us, their work is not about short-term fixes. They support farmers living at subsistence level, constantly at risk of crop failure, to build food and income security so that they can grow a better future for their families. They are a specialist charity, their expert staff work at the heart of communities to really understand and transfer the skills and inputs they need to thrive for the long-term. Like us, they are innovative, able to find solutions that work even in the most challenging of conditions. We are very proud that to date, we have donated £27,000 and will remain a key partner of Farm Africa into the future.

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This quarter, we have chosen to support Farm Africa’s forestry work. Africa’s forests are under intense pressure with forest cover being lost at an alarming rate of four million hectares each year - that’s equivalent to eight football fields every minute. Deforestation has an enormous impact for the local economy. It reduces water flow to the lowlands making them more arid, increasing the risk of hunger for local people as they struggle to grow their own food.

Farm Africa has excellent forest projects in the beautiful Bale Mountains of Ethiopia (a bio-diversity hotspot) where a massive 770,000 hectares providing a watershed for 12 million people, is already under protection and in the Nou Forest in Tanzania where forest cover in the project areas has been restored, biodiversity increased by 80% and water sources improved by 75%. For more information visit

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“Farm Africa is delighted to receive such generous support from Ashwood Executive Search International. This partnership is an excellent example of how charities and business can pool their resources to tackle the world’s most pressing problems; hunger and poverty. As each candidate placed by Ashwood celebrates their success, I hope they will also share the excitement of the impact Ashwood’s contribution is making on the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.”

Nigel Harris, Farm Africa’s Chief Executive

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